Who is Maggie?

Hi, I'm Maggie, your guide to a brighter future. Too cheesy? Well ok, maybe a little, but still truthful. I've lived a happy life - had a caring family, lived in a good neighborhood, obtained a great education, always had what I needed. But that still didn't protect me from the claws of anxiety. I suffered for years with social anxiety without even knowing what it was and not remembering that life used to be better. When I finally realized that I had anxiety I could not believe it. Were there really days in my past when I could freely go outside? I couldn't remember. Were there days I didn't have to worry so much? I honestly could not remember. But after years of suffering I got out of it, I could go wherever my heart lead me to. I was free. 

Years later I had a health scare that caused me to have panic attacks mixed with generalized anxiety - but I got out of those as well. Now I am free again. I do my best to remember these experiences that have shaped me as a person.

I've always thrived on helping others, so I became a medical doctor. I pushed through medical school whilst having social anxiety, it was definitely not fun, but I made it - with great grades and heaps of knowledge. My path then led me to do my residency in psychiatry. I am fascinated by the  intricate pathways in the brain and how they all connect and influence us.

During my free time I like to spend time in nature. My biggest dream is to move to the countryside, help even more people and also have enough time for my hobbies. Some of my hobbies are hiking, yoga and nature photography.

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